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If you have at least two years working as a professional in the fashion industry and a willingness to offer your knowledge and experience based on a “share attitude” instead of a “what can i take attitude?” (from the words of founders) you can join the Fashion Business Club, dynamic network founded in January 2006 by Alison Whelan and Courtney Blackman.


In the world of freelance work which can sometimes be quite isolating you can  became a member of this club and  meet, talk, support, inspire each other with fashion professionals.

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The Fashion Business Club is a safe place to network and generate new business opportunities with colleagues who have all been selected by Editor, DollyJones, and fashion illustrator, Daisy deVilleneuve and the 2 founders Whelan and Blackman.  As from the club’s program six annual meetings put the top of the industry in front of members who can interact and ask questions.


Anyone is welcome to download an application from the website and apply for membership. Members include international well-known and aspiring designers, art directors, journalists, photographers, stylists, buyers, brand managers, make-up artists, graphic designers, copywriters, retailers, creative directors, PRs and more.

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